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I AM. Peace Love TSD.

This solar eclipse took place on August 21, 2017. Even though we have total eclipses every year, having a Total Solar Eclipse is definitely rare. And exciting to witness! The 2017 eclipse was dubbed the Great American Eclipse because it tracked a path across the U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina. According to NASA, the last time the contiguous U.S. has seen a total solar eclipse was on February 26, 1979! 

In past history, it was believed that during a Solar Eclipse, the light of the sun would allow for the darkness to be transcended. This could be regarded an epiphany moment or one of spiritual awakening. When darkness befalls the sun, we are called to relinquish our egos and shed our masks. It is only then that we may reveal our true Self and let our soul shine. 

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." ~Nelson Mandela

I created this healing grid with some purified water to infuse it with the intention of love, light, hope, joy, and magical manifestations. This healing grid remained throughout the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 and for some days after to soak up the bright, beautiful sunshine here in Arizona, further infusing these waters with a high vibration of light and love. 


Once this felt complete, I then filled this Blue Bottle Love with this heavenly waters and set it outside in a new healing grid in the bright Arizona sunshine. 

I came across this beautiful blue bottle in a delightful tea shop while in Sedona with my sister shortly before the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.


Once this felt complete, at 11 days, I brought this inside to my meditation space where I prayed and mediated on it to infuse it with the manifestation intention of "I AM". It was here that this beautiful bottle sat glistening in love and light until this felt complete. On December 11, 2018, I knew that this beautiful bottle of intention-infused waters was complete. I mediated a bit more as to what other essences would like to be added to this. Essential oils, though pure, felt too heavy for the lightness of these waters. The flower essence that I created, Fairy Giggles, also felt too dense as it was created in an alcohol base. Ultimately, flower essences from Green Hope Farm with red shiso herbal base were the perfect fit. 

"There is nothing physical about a Flower Essence so you cannot take too much or have a chemical reaction to a Flower Essence. They are electrical information that your electrical system knows how to read and learn from."

Three flower essences in particular called out to me; they are the chosen three. This synergy was a long-time in the making, yet perfect and complete and soul-fulfilling in its entirety. 

My intention is that you remember that you are one with the Divine, and that we are all connected. Be kind to yourself, to your neighbor, to all animals, and to Gaia. Please let your light shine. The time has come to awaken and fulfill our purpose here on this Earth plane for the greater good of all humanity. 

I AM Love. I AM Light. I AM Joy.

And so it is. Namaste. 


This Blue Glass Bottle can be used to make Blue Solar Water, a Ho-opnonopono Cleansing Tool (I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You)

Here is the Blue Bottle Love Story:

"Water is Life. Life is Love. Blue Bottle Love ~ the synergy of symbols (as found on this bottle), blue solar water and ecology ~ was born form love for this wonderful gifts of water, sun, and life on this amazing planet. 

Energy, our thoughts, and our intentions affect the molecular structure and memory of water. Water receiving positive intention creates beautiful, hexagonal crystals as discovered by Dr. maseru Emoto. As he says, 'we have the ability to heal our water and earth with positive thoughts, and this not only gives us power, it gives us responsibility.' Let us do our part in being responsible."


Peace and Love,







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