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My Fairy Giggles Flower Essence was created from the flowers of Ageratum. These delicate purple clouds offer inner peace, vibrant health, and the gift of being grounded in the present moment with gratitude. 

What is are flower essences? To me, the definition is said best by Green Hope Farm: "Every Flower has a specific healing, strengthening and balancing electrical pattern unique to that species of Flower. When this electrical wisdom is transferred into our healing stabilizer, it becomes a Flower Essence."

Flower essences work best when taken internally (much different than essential oils that are Not taken internally). Flower essences can also be gently rubbed on pulse points if one does not wish to take them internally. When flower essences are added to herbal/essential oils blends, they elevate the healing vibration tenfold. My flower essence is available separately to be taken internally, and I also use it within all of my healing products.

How Fairy Giggles came to be:

 After a beautiful Shamanic Journeying to the Plant Kingdom, I knew just how to gracefully elevate the vibration of these joyful purple pearls of wisdom.  

After harvesting 5 flowering tops, their own beautiful journey began. 


Once complete, this new healing blend was carefully bottled. I then placed them gently on a selentie log in this amazing healing circle that I created with a variety of handpicked quartz crystals, rose quartz gemstones, amethyst gemstones, heart rocks from my collection, selenite logs, and my hand-painted gratitude stones.

They sat joyfully on the selenite log soaking up all the fabulous healing energies of the sun, moon, and our Mother Earth.

I added the pinwheel for fun! I may have even skipped around this happy healing circle :-) as I set the intention of loving, healing kindness, gratitude & joy, and Reiki energy to flow abundantly.  


As you may remember from past blog posts and my newsletters, INTENTION really is everything. It is so very powerful. 

My Intention behind creating this flower essence of Ageratum, which I was later told to call 'Fairy Giggles', is to offer you the pure vibration of joy & gratitude. Remember to be present in this moment. Embrace simple treasures. Walk barefoot. Skip. Remember to dance in the rain. Giggle for no reason. Know that there is always another way - the path of peace and self-love. Reconnect with your sense of child-like wonder, giggle, and be in joy! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

P.S. Some have said that when they open up the bottle, they can hear the Fairies giggle in delight! 


June 29, 2016 by Kristin Robinson

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