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I spent some time outdoors last week in this amazing weather. While sitting peacefully watching the sun set over the tranquil waters, I felt the warmth of a nearby presence. Since I was sitting at the outskirts of a cemetery, I didn't think much of that at first. I just said, "hello", and went about my way. I then felt inclined to pick up my pen and journal.

As the presence made himself known as St. Francis, I began to transcribe the words that he spoke. I share his message with you.


How do I walk with thee?

~a channeled message from St. Francis


To walk in forests of unkept treasures,

softly, gently, unsure of each certain step but taking it anyway.

Shouldering smolders of evergreen dreams dancing in crystalline waters

mirroring life's journey within, should you dare to look close enough.

Soft pillowy blankets of leaves,

crunching, grounding, making a new way.  

Taking not the road less traveled but a new course all together.

Making a way for others to come,

when they are ready.

Gemlike magic of fallen leaves and flowering tops that once held dreams,

now hold promises of what is yet to unfold.

For in the darkness comes newness, a new dawn, a new way.

Through this magic comes the unforeseen promise of a new world. 










June 29, 2016 by Kristin Robinson
Tags: Inspiration

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