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MONDAYS  ARE MAGNIFICENT notes may be back... just most likely not will I am in naturopathic med school :-)


Not everyone thinks Mondays are Magnificent.

I get that. I really do. 

It is my intention to attempt to shift your perception. Perhaps a tall task, but I'm ready!

My intention is that you may find a little bit of hope that makes you SMILE and creates some positive mojo to your Monday morning routine, to start your week off in a place of gratitude.

The greatest gift from this is that you end up Paying It Forward, sometimes without even knowing it... Your smile may just prompt a stranger to have a better day, who may offer up some kindness to a loved one, who may feel so grateful at this simple blessing… and thus the ripple continues to extend out into the Universe...

Making our Earth a more blissful, hopeful, and kind place to live.

All because you chose to believe that Mondays are Magnificent!

Now that's powerful. 

Who knows, maybe Mondays will become the new Fridays where everyone just can't wait for the magic of another week to begin!

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Let's Pay It Forward together... You ready? I am. Let's go...


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Why $11.11? 11.11 is a powerful awakening code. This number sequence is a gentle reminder that we are all connected… that the way we live, even behind closed doors, affects mankind collectively. We can choose to seek out the light, give gratitude, speak our truth, and live in joy.

I invite you to join a community of action-takes who intend to make this world a bit brighter… kinder… softer… just by being joy-filled in the present moment. Thank you.

May 31, 2017 by Kristin Robinson
Tags: Inspiration

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