Old Friends Make the Best Friends
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Your purchase supports animal rescues.
Your purchase supports animal rescues.

Welcome to  Peace Love TSD!

If you care deeply about our environment... believe animals are #FriendsNotFood... love gemstones & crystals, trust in our body's amazing ability to heal itself... if you sparkle instead of sweat... if fairy magic makes you giggle... if you believe in gratitude, spreading kindness and Paying It Forward, then you've come to the right place... Welcome fellow Earth Angels!

Peace Love TSD features handcrafted natural healing products and hand-painted gratitude affirmation stones, created in loving memory of Toby (Tobias S. Dog), the fur-angel by my side for close to 18 years. It is because of the unwavering love of this amazing pup that I learned the true meaning of unconditional love.

I made a promise to Toby that his legacy would live on. This shop represents that promise. I hope that you feel uplifted and connected to this unconditional love. I invite you to see that there are healthy natural healing choices for physical and emotional pains. No matter who you are or what you've done or what's been done to you, healing is possible.

Miss you Toby, miss you everyday. And Thank You from the very bottom of my grateful heart. 

Everything you will find on this site is organic, vegan, eco-friendly, and made with Divine Love. Each piece of art is an original. Most of these natural products were created from herbs and medicinal plants that I grew back in New England in my gardens. All products are made in small batches and available until they sell out, so please check back often for new items being added. 

When will I receive my order?
  Please know that your order is delicately packaged and wrapped with love and a handwritten note from me. Orders are typically filled within 1-2 business days and then shipped via USPS Priority Mail.   If you have any questions before placing your order, just ask!

It is my intention to create awareness in protecting our beautiful Earth and for kindness to animals, each other, and most importantly, ourselves. I am a strong advocate for the adoption of senior animals. Old friends make the very best friends. A portion of all profits will support senior animal rescues. Please Pay It Forward. The unconditional love of an animal is such a gift and profound blessing.

Kindness matters. Always.

TSD is Bionic Dog!
About Kristin:

Hi! I'm Kristin, a resident of Arizona and full-time naturopathic medical student at SCNM in Tempe since 2017. I’m a New England transplant, born and raised just north of Boston. I’ve spent most of my life in Massachusetts, having established a holistic healing practice in the quaint seaside town of Newburyport for well over a decade.

I love what I do. I am grateful to have grown up in a home where natural health options were commonplace. Growing up, my siblings and I saw a traditional medical doctor and also a naturopathic doctor. Chiropractic care, polarity, homeopathic remedies, organic foods and holistic therapies were just a normal part of our life. There was even a separate cabinet just for vitamins, tinctures, and natural remedies, which my family now has in our home as well. This exposure at young age has instilled and inspired a love of nature and the exploration of holistic healing that I still hold to this day. 

I am a writer, artist, and creative soul who seeks to uplift and inspire those around me. As a holistic healing therapist and wellness coach, my intention is to empower others to trust their own body’s innate wisdom. I am both a science lover and a holistic hippie, with a strong belief in the blending of both western and eastern medicine. All of my natural healing products blend the medicinal science-based benefits of essential oils and herbs combined with the vibration of spiritual healing. I do not feel that one form of healing is better per say than another; I more so believe in providing options, so that people can choose what resonates most with them on their healing path. I completed an intensive Clinical Aromatherapy program at a Harvard teaching hospital in Boston, MA, MA beginning in 2011. You can read more about this, and my published research, on my blog here. I also completed a 7-month herbal apprenticeship with Roberta Horsman, who also studied with Rosemary Gladstar.

In addition to being an advocate for holistic medicine, I have a special interest, and specialized training, in working with children, adults, and pets living with cancer, and those in hospice care. I hold a B.S. in Exercise Physiology & Kinesiology, with over 20 years of experience in the fields of exercise physiology, fitness, and holistic health. I have spent the last 12 years as a small business owner of a holistic healing practice in Newburyport ~ Grateful Spirit Healing.

I spent a lot of my years hiding behind a smile, feeling unconnected and doing whatever I could to not have to feel the painful emotions that I knew lived inside of me. The day I decided to fully be of service to others was the day I began to heal. I have worked with people living with cancer and with those in hospice care in the north of Boston and Seacoast areas, along with pets who were recovering from surgery, living with cancer, or in their hospice phase of life. I have also spent countless hours with Beacon Hospice, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Lucy’s Lovebus volunteering skilled compassionate touch to children, adults, and seniors -- along with spending time at local animal shelters to offer Reiki to the animals’ in their care. And of course, driving across country to spend time at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the United States (and with the most amazing story!) My husband and I have been frequent volunteers there as well as to the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary in AZ, where our sponsored pig Jango lives. 

Through these experiences, I learned the value of being present, 
how to be an empathic listener and just how healing the power of human touch truly is.

 Additionally, I am vegan, a life long animal lover, owner, advocate, and local animal shelter volunteer. In my spare time, I love being outdoors --running, hiking, camping. My curious nature is best satiated by my love of travel and adventure, and also through learning, and conducting research. A voracious reader and a verbose writer, I find excitement in both creative artistic expression and also in the exploration of metaphysics.  

My Beliefs

I believe in having an Attitude of Gratitude.

I believe in being kind to every person and living creature, and most importantly to ourselves.

I believe in taking responsibility to care for and to help heal our beautiful Earth for future generations.

I believe that our thoughts and beliefs are so powerful. Always choose loving, positive thoughts! And change your beliefs when you outgrown them!

I believe that we have to love ourselves before we can truly love another.

I believe that each and every person and living creature is beautiful. Animals are friends and should not be eaten.

♥ I believe in miracles.

I believe in doing things that scare me, in taking the path of joy and always following my heart.

I believe in listening to my intuition, trusting what I cannot see, and taking
 leaps of faith. Life is a magical adventure!

I believe in open communications and always speaking my truth from a
 compassionate heart.

I believe that one can do what he/she loves and make an amazing living 
doing so.

I believe that Self-Care is not selfish, but vital to be there for others.

 I believe in leading by example and allowing others to choose what feels 
right for them.

 I believe that we are never truly alone. We have an abundance of angels, guides and teachers on this journey - all we have to do is ask. 

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."


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