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Aches and Pain Roll-on
ACHES AND PAINS ROLL ON WORKS: I struggle with upper neck and shoulder pain from heavy lifting at work. I'm do not like taking too much medication of any kind. I believe it is horrible for our bodies. I needed to seek out an alternative "organic" method of relief. I was thrilled when I purchased this product and it helped. I now keep it in my purse and use it several times a week. Thank You. ~K.B. 


Happy Head Roll-on
HAPPY HEAD EVERYDAY: My daughter purchased this Happy Head roll on for me as a birthday gift. I work in office in front of a computer all day and it tends to give me headaches. It is extremely hard to enjoy your day and work with a frequent headache. I never realized there were all natural products available that would give me relief the way an over the counter medicine would. I now keep this roll on with me at work and use it all the time. It has opened me up to new healthy ways of living! Thank You! ~B.B. 


Personalized Teacher Classroom Spray
REFRESHING CLASSROOM SPRAY: I received this spray as a gift from a fellow teacher and absolutely love it! I spray my classroom every morning before students start their day. I love the subtle fragrance and my students have even commented on how much they like it. I have also used this at home with my two little ones. Would recommend this to any teacher or parent. Cannot wait to try your other products! ~ K.N.

Personalized Teacher Classroom Spray
CALMING AND REFRESHING: My students love this calming and uplifting spray. I mist my classroom each morning before the students enter and throughout the day. One of my students calls it the "fruit loop" spray. When they see me coming around with it, they close their eyes and take a calming breath in. They ask for it whenever they have an independent work assignment. It seems to really put the classroom at ease and help during the cold and flu season. ~J.H.

Personalized Teacher Classroom Spray

My students call this their "Happy Spray" and ask for it by name! ~ D.H.

Immune Support Spray

UPLIFTS AND CLEANSES: This blend smells wonderful and puts my mind at ease during the cold and flu season! It refreshes my classroom with an uplifting aroma. ~L.W.

Focus Factor Spray
PERFECT TO USE BEFORE EXAMS: I mist my classroom each morning before my students arrive. My students seem more attentive and generally in good spirits. I have found it especially helps my anxious students if I mist the classroom before exams. Thank you! ~ J.R.

Gratitude Affirmation Stones
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love my colorful uplifting stones. I keep on next to my bed, one in my car, and one at my desk at work. When I glance at my gratitude stone, I just have to smile. I added the affirmation tags to my keychain too!  ~A.D.


Organic Lavender Eye Pillow
Love the soft soothing heat and relaxing aroma as I drift off to sleep at night. I have found that I have sinus pressure in the morning as well. For me, it really helps to turn off my overactive mind at night. It's also the perfect size to slip behind my neck for some warming heat my upper back and neck. Delightful!  ~T.M.