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Fairy Giggles gift set


Brand Peace Love TSD

This delightful gift set includes 2 items:

Fairy Giggles Floral Water and Fairy Giggles Flower Essence.

Fairy Giggles Floral Water: This delightful hydrosol is bursting with the vibration of pure love! Invite fairy magic into your life! Uplift your spirits and soothe your soul with this jolly blend. 

Ingredients: Handcrafted Hibiscus hydrosol infused with Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst gemstones, and handcrafted Flowers of Ageratum flower essence.

Usage: 2oz blue glass spray bottle with black fine mist sprayer. Spritz generously in your home and environment, around your aura to protect and replenish, or to clear & refresh your space. SMILE!

Fairy Giggles Flower Essence: This was created from the flowers of Ageratum. These delicate purple clouds offer inner peace, vibrant health, and the gift of being grounded in the present moment with gratitude. 

Ingredients: Flowers of Ageratum, Distilled Water infused with Rose Quartz, Jade, and Amethyst, and Organic Grain-free Alcohol. (*if you are seeking a non-alcohol based flower essence, I recommend Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire. They are magical!)

Usage: 1/2 oz green glass bottle size with dropper. Flower essences work best when taken internally (much different than essential oils that are Not to be taken internally.) Take 2-4 drops, 4 times per day under tongue or in a glass of water. You may also add to a water bottle for daily use. Flower essences can also be gently rubbed on pulse points if one does not wish to take them internally, or added to a soak. When flower essences are added to herbal/essential oils blends, they elevate the healing vibration tenfold. 

What is are flower essences? To me, the definition is said best by Green Hope Farm: "Every Flower has a specific healing, strengthening and balancing electrical pattern unique to that species of Flower. When this electrical wisdom is transferred into our healing stabilizer, it becomes a Flower Essence."

My Intention behind creating this flower essence of Ageratum, which I was later told to call 'Fairy Giggles', is to offer you the pure vibration of joy & gratitude. Remember to be present in this moment. Embrace simple treasures. Walk barefoot. Skip. Remember to dance in the rain. Giggle for no reason. Know that there is always another way - the path of peace and self-love. Reconnect with your sense of child-like wonder, giggle, and be in joy!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am so grateful for this day!

P.S. Some have said that when they open up the bottle, they can hear the Fairies giggle in delight! 

Please store in a cool, dry, and HAPPY place.

Each item comes with one double-sided tag (shown in images) tied on gently with ribbon. Positive-thought affirmation side will vary. Each item is gift wrapped with love and tied with a ribbon.

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