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How to Give a Simple Reflexology Session in 6 Steps


Brand Peace Love TSD

This resource guide is meant to serve as a fun and easy way to introduce simple healing touch in your life and to those around you.

Within these 15 pages, you will learn the basics about Reflexology, its benefits, and more! Included is a simple 6-step instruction with illustrated photos.

Now YOU can give a soothing Foot Reflexology session to your loved in as little as 10 minutes! Healing and safe for children, adults, seniors, and those living with cancers or in palliative care.

While the Reflexology sessions that I offer within my practice are much longer in duration and encompass specific reflex points, I created this resource with simplicity in mind. Rather than specific reflex points, these 6 steps use reflex zones, a much wider area to begin learning. It is my intention that you feel confident in offering a relaxing session to your loved ones.

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