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Brand Peace Love TSD

This synergy was a long-time in the making, yet perfect and complete and soul-fulfilling in its entirety. 

This joy-filled blend accelerates your manifestations into creation. Ask. Visualize. Believe. Be Grateful. Open Your Arms to Receive. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is. 

Set your intentions. Close your eyes and mist lightly over your aura and surroundings. 

Handcrafted and created with love and the intention of manifestation. Reiki-charged and blessed with peace, kindness, gratitude, and angelic healing energy.

Ingredients: Handcrafted with intention-infusion purified water from August 2017 solar eclipse. Greenhope Farm flower essences of Belerephon of the Open Door, Flow Free, and Grounding. Blue Bottle of Love infusion of "I AM" lunar/solar ceremony. Click here to read more about this on my blog. 

2oz blue glass spray bottle with black fine mist sprayer. Each spray comes with one double-sided tag (shown in images) tied on gently with ribbon. Positive-thought affirmation side will vary. Each spray and affirmation tag is gift wrapped with love & tied with a ribbon. 

Aura or Room Spray. Please avoid contact with eyes.