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Soothe & Heal Bath and Body Oil


Brand Peace Love TSD

This medicinal blend offers many layers of healing depth and soothing rejuvenation... anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, aids in healing of bruises, sprains, soreness and swelling due to fractures, and muscle spasms from sports activity, arthritis set off by seasonal change; general muscle and joint pain, purifying, detoxifying, soothes skin conditions, uplifts your mind & spirit... and various beneficial uses! 

Back in New England, I grew most of my own herbs and medicinal plants. I then harvested them to make herbal infused oils. Any additional herbs are always purchased from local, organic, Earth-conscious sources.  

Usage: (Less is More!)

Add 2 Tablespoons to a warm bath. After bath, you can towel off or lightly rinse off in shower. You will find that your skin is amazingly soft and smooth. You will not need any additional moisturizer after this skin soothing tub!

You can also mix in 2 T with epsom salts and add to your Bath, or use as an exfoliating scrub in your shower. (Sugar could be used as well in place of epsom salts for a scrub, although be mindful of the quality of the sugar. Choose Fair Trade Organic Sugar as it is vegan and does not use bone char or any other raw materials containing animal products during the processing as most regular sugars unfortunately do contain.)

Rub lightly into your skin and then take a warm shower to rinse off. Lightly towel off after.

Apply directly onto areas of muscular soreness and/or joint pain. Apply onto your feet (heels especially) as well and cover with socks. Apply onto hands at bedtime and cover with gloves for soothing relief and silky skin while you sleep.

4 oz amber glass bottle. Each bottle comes with one double-sided tag (shown in images) tied on gently with ribbon. Positive-thought affirmation side will vary.  Each bottle and its affirmation tag is delicately wrapped and tied with ribbon.

Handcrafted and created with love and intention. Reiki-charged and blessed with peace, kindness, gratitude, and angelic healing energy.

Ingredients: Handcrafted blend of medicinal herbs in an olive oil infused base, including Arnica, St. John's wort, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Angelica, Echinacea, Purple Basil, White Sage, Russian Sage, Nettles, Eleuthero, Chamomile, Cloves, Orange Peel and flower essences of ageratum (aka Fairy Giggles).

It is common to see small particles of the herbs within this herbal infused oil. Shake gently and set your healing intentions before use.